About Us

Located on Lake Saint Clair, BC Marine, Inc. is owned by Denise Knop. We specialize in all types of marine construction including Boat Hoists, Pilings, Dredging, Marine Recovery of Vessels, Docks and Decks and much, much more. We service Lake Saint Clair and the surrounding communities with large projects all the way from Grosse Ile to Marysville, Michigan.

BC Marine, Inc. has over 15 years of experience in all types of water conditions. BC Marine has completed large scale projects including a massive 2000 ft. seawall on the Detroit River. Over the years BC Marine was contracted by BASF Chemical Plant, Michigan Pollution Control for environmental clean up, Faust Corporation, Van Beal Brothers Marine and Michigan Marine and Salvage and Selfridge ANG Base, just to name a few.

BC Marine is a “Full Service” Marine contractor. We are certified for any project by either land or sea, just call BC!